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Dumpling Recipes

known in German by
Knödel or Klöse,

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Dumpling Recipes

Basic Dumpling Recipe

German Potato Dumplings

Potato Knödel
(Potato dumplings filled with a crouton

also known as Bread Dumplings

(Steamed Yeast Dumplings)


Breakfast Dish using left over Knödel

Napkin Dumplings
called Servietten Knödel in German

Dumpling Soup Recipes

Farina Dumpling Soup

Cloud Soup
Broth Soup with chewy dumplings

liver Dumpling Soup

Knephla or Knoepla and Chesse Buttons

Cheese Buttons

Kase Knepla


Sweet Dumpling Recipes
(more to come soon)

Dumplings with Pears

More Dumpling Recipes and Links

German Music
Listen to the Chicken Dance
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Download the Chicken Dance, Du Du Liegst mir im Herzen, and more.

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