Bow Ties

Dough 1. ( quick dough with baking powder )

1 cup all purpose flour
1 egg
2 teaspoon milk
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons sugar
1 / 4 cup sour cream

Large pot for deep frying and 4-cups Canila or Vegetable oil
Large Frying pan for shallow frying
Use 1 inch of Canola or vegetable oil in it.

Dough 2 (Yeast dough )

1. Mix All dry ingredients in a bowl.

2. Mix the egg, milk, and sour cream together in a bowl till smooth and then mix in the dry ingredients a little at a time. Let the dough sit for half an hour or overnight.

3. I cut 1 and 1/2 inc by 4 inch rectangle of dough. You can make them any size. Cut a slit in the center either vertical or horizontal, whatever your fancy is.

4. Bring one end to the center and pull it through. If using a yeast dough, let these rise to get fluffy.

5. Heat the oil to 350 degrees. I use about 3 inches of Canola oil
in a large heavy soup pot. Test a nub of dough first to see if it is
the right heat. If not it will get too dark.

6. Fry the dough in the deep fat turn over carefully with a metal spatula, tongs or skimmer or something that you can lift them out with.

I didn't powder sugar the bow ties, but you certainly can.

You can also shallow fry these in an inch of oil. If doing large quantites you may need to
change the oil as it gets brown and smells bad.

These keep well in a tin can and even improve with age.