Apfel Cake with Sour Cream Topping
Apfelkuchen mit Rahmguss


100 grams sugar or 1/2 cup
200 grams butter ( almost 2 sticks, remove 1 tablespoon )
300 grams flour or ( 2 1/2 cups)
1 Egg
1 Pinch of salt
1-2 Tbsp water

4-5 cooking apples ,peeled ,cored, cut in 8 sections(like an orange)this will be enough for 9 in. spring form pan

1 / 2 Cup (125 ml) Sour cream
1/2 cups Sugar(can be replaced with Splenda)
2 Eggs
1 tsp lemon flavor (or grated lemon peel)
2 Tbsp Flour


1. Mix crust ingredients like you would traditional pie crust on cutting board or table.
Knead until mixed to form ball.
2. Roll out with rolling pin until about ½-cm to 1 cm thick.
3. Transfer to Spring form with sides about 3 cm high.(should dough crumble or break
during transfer, don’t worry, just knead together with fingers. It does so easily)
4. Arrange cut Apples in circular fashion(You can sprinkle Raisins, that have been
soaked in warm water for a couple of minutes, over the apples.)
5. Start baking in oven, on middle rack, at 350 F. for 15-20 min take out and set aside.

6. While base is baking prepare topping.

7. Mix half of sour cream with sugar, egg yolks and lemon.
8. Take egg whites and beat until stiff set aside.
9. Add rest of sour cream and flour to the mix.

10. Fold in the egg whites.
11. Pour over half backed crust and continue baking until topping is golden. (15 to 20
12. Cool off and enjoy

You can also replace the Apples with Rhubarb which has been cut in small pieces and
sugared. You would want enough to cover the bottom 2 cm thick.
Before you add the Rhubarb cover the base with some breadcrumbs