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Beef Marrow Dumplings

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125 gram (1/2 Cup) clean, washed beef marrow.
Press this marrow through a fine sieve, to eliminate non-marrow particles, which might be present.

Slowly add 2 whole eggs plus another 1 ½ egg yolks. (I just add 2 egg yolks, how does one split an egg yolk?)

Add a handful of “Ground Mundbrot” for which I use grated dinner rolls, if I have them, or regular breadcrumbs.

Mix in some salt, nutmeg, and finely chopped chives. The last two items make all the difference.

From the mixture make small round dumplings and put those on a buttered plate.(Can be done up to 4 hours ahead of time.)

A ¼ hour before serving the soup, add the dumplings to the beef broth, cover, and slowly simmer for 10 minutes.

Sometimes, depending if my family or guests are late, I turn off the stove and just let the dumplings steep until they rise to the top.


If not enough marrow is available I use this method

50 g (4 Tblsp) 1/4 cup, Beef marrow
50 g ( 4 Tblsp) 1/4 cup butter
Soften the above and stir in
3 whole eggs
3 grated dinner rolls
Salt, Nutmeg and Chives,
Make little dumplings and put into boiling broth
Reduce heat and simmer until they float to the top.

Not quite the same, but not bad if the broth is a strong (reduced) beef broth.



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