Schnippelbohnen Eintopf
Snipped Green Beans, Potato, Sausage and Ham Stew.

1 lb. green geans
1 lb. of potatoes (preferably firm ones)
1 large white or spanish onion chopped
reserve 1 /2 cup for garnish
4 cloves chopped garlic
4 oz of ham
8 oz of kielbasa
1 tablespoon savory, marjoram or thyme
2 quarts water or stock
1 pear (optional)

salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with rye Bread

1. This is a great way to use older green beans. Schnippel means snipped and Bohnen means beans. In the U.S. It is a shame to throw away the larger tougher green beans. Also today green beans aren't as stringy as they use to be. These tougher beans were often put through a machine that would slice them and remove the string making them easier to eat. Some folks like to add a pear or 2 to this. It gives a nice background flavor. You can use an unripe pear if you want.

2. Here is a way to deal with a tougher string bean. Cut them at an angle. Like cutting celery at an
angle or on the bias as you would for a stir fry. each piece has very short strings then so you
don't have to fight them in your mouth.

3. This is a perfect dish to do in a crockpot. You can also do it in a Dutch oven. You can also make a smaller
batch in just a saucepan. Perfect if you have a small amount of green beans left, this makes an excellent side dish.

4. 8 hours would be perfect. These were in the crockpot for 12 hours of cooking. I strained the ingredients and reserved the stock. the potatoes and beans have a wonderful flavor from the sausage and ham.
Now I can do several things,

5. You can mash the beans and potatoes together You can use a hand held Immersion blender for this

6. Mixing other veg with mashed potatoes is very popular now, and for good reason.
This has a great flavor especially simmered with the ham, sausage herbs.
I ladeled some of the stock into the bowl also, then served some of the sausage and ham along with
some good rye bread.

7. Here I pureed the beans and potatoes and blended with the stock.
It made a nice thick soup like texture. Then I cut up the sausage and ham and floated them in.
Some chopped sweet onion in the center makes a nice garnish and crunchy texture.