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Anita's Family Recipe

I was born and raised in Berlin and came here in 1960. This is how my mom did Rouladen in Berlin. Yummy I can promise you. Cook them a day or two before for wonderful blended flavors. .. Anita

From Stephen ,
This recipe for Rouladen is unique in that Anita's mother kept the bacon and the pickle and the onion in large chunks so that in a large family one could pull out any part of it that they didn't enjoy. There are those that just can't seem to get beyond the idea of having a pickle in a beef dish, and some unfortunate people develop an aversion to onions. ( This is my biased view of food as I truly love onions)


4 slices of sirloin tip, about 8 in diameter and ¼ thick.
Mustard ( I am partial to Grey Poupon Dijon)
1 med onion quartered
2 dill pickles halved ( Clausin's are best)
4 slices bacon folded in half
Salt and pepper

Sour cream, few mushrooms and a tomato are optional. ( I like them for nice gravy)

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After you pat dry the meat, put each slice on the counter and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Then spread some mustard on each slice and add 1 slice of bacon folded in half, then 1/2 pickle and 1/4 onion.   

Roll end to end and wrap some dental floss as if to make a package.

Pat dry again and brown in a pan just large enough to hold all rolls side by side.

Turn until nicely browned. Then add water just to cover. You may add a tomato and a few mushrooms if you like.
Simmer until tender. Remove floss.

Thicken gravy with flour and add a little sour cream. Replace rouladen and serve with mashed potatoes and your favorite vegetable. Berliner's prefer carrots and peas mixed, green beans or red cabbage with this meat.

Stephen's Rouladen Recipe

Sheryl's Rouladen Recipe

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