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Wurst Salat
(German Sausage salad )

Wurst Salat combines sausage slices and cheese, and blends them with a pickle vinaigrette. Makes a great summer salad.

4 servings

2 Knackwurst, fully cooked
3 oz. Emmanthaller cheese (not pre-sliced)
1 large dill pickle spear or 2 gherkins
1/4 cup white onion
1 large tomato
1 hard-boiled egg, cooked and peeled
5 chives ( for garnish)
3 cups loosely packed salad greens

1/2 tsp. Grey Poupon mustard
1/4 tsp. Knorr Aromat or seasoning salt mix
A few drops of Maggi seasoning, or Worcestershire
4 Tbsp. tarragon vinegar
3 Tbsp. cano la oil
Pinch of white pepper
Pinch of garlic salt

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1. Skin the fully cooked Knackwurst and cut in half lengthwise, slicing into thin strips.

2. Cut the cheese into strips and add to the Knackwurst.

To make the vinaigrette:

3. Chop the pickle or gherkins and onion finely and set in a large mixing bowl.
Add the remaining ingredients to the vinaigrette and mix well.

4. Whisk together the remaining ingredients for the vinaigrette.
Add onion, pickles to the vinaigrette and pour over the salad.

5. Toss well to coat the sausage and cheese.

6. Place greens on 2 or 4 salad plates, divide salad equally onto the greens.
Pour some of the remaining dressing in the bowl over so it goes down into the greens.

7. Slice the tomatoes and hard-boiled egg and arrange on top.
Chill well. top with fresh chives. Serve with crusty bread or rolls.

Donated by Diana Smith

You can chop the Wurstsalat and scoop it into a tomato,
bell pepper or egg as you would a chicken or tuna salad.

Close up of the chopped Wurstsalat

This Wurstsalat is made from
Jeanie O's low fat smoked sausage


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