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Basic Schnitzel Preparation



This is one of my favorite meals of all time.

It is considered by many to be Germany's National Meal if they had one.

The real key in the schnitzel is to take the time to get it very thin. Then don't bread it too much.

Recipe for 6 people

The meat
about 2 lbs of Pork Loin

Schnitzel Batter

Breading Batter




1 cup milk


½ cup flour

Kosher Salt

1 teaspoon

Black Pepper

½ teaspoon

Worcestershire Sauce

1 and ½ Tablesp.

Breading Mix



Cracker Meal (Fine) or bread crumbs

2 Cups


1 teaspoon

Pepper or lemon pepper

1 teaspoon

Granulated Garlic

1 teaspoon



First you want to get a Pork Loin Roast. Not a pork tenderloin roast but a pork Loin roast. It is the same cut as the Pork Chop only with no bone on it.

Trim off the fat and sinew and then cut what is called a "butterfly slice" about 5 ounces. if you get 2 lbs it will be approximately 6 slices.

You can see how this butterfly slice works. since the slice is not all the way down you can pull apart the 2 sides and lay them flat. That way you don't have
so much to pound out.

I take a plastic storage bag...Like a "ziplock bag" and cut it with a scissors
on bot sides, then you can open the thing up and place the pork between
the 2 pieces of plastic.

Now you can pound the schnitzel and it slips nicely and doesn't tear between the 2 layers of plastic.

Here is a nicely pounded out schnitzel It doesn't need to be a perfect shape
nor do you need to worry if there is a small seperation making a "hole".

Here is a picture of how thin I pound it. Pretty darn thin.

Now you are ready to bread the schnitzel

Schnitzel Batter

Dunk the pounded schnitzel in the batter on both sides


Dip the schnitzel in the breading mix and coat on both sides. let the breaded schnitzel sit for a few minutes so the breading can set.

Fry the schnitzel in a good quality corn or vegetable oil. Here
we are frying the schnitzel in about an inch of oil. You can fry it
in a less amount of oil like you would fry a breaded cutlet but you won't get quite the same effect.
Here we have blanched the Schnitzel. I am showing you this picture because you can cook it part way ahead of time. Then when you get ready to serve it you can pop it back into the oil and finish it. You can even freeze the schnitzel at this state.

Here is a finished schnitzel nicely browned. The traditional way of
serving the schnitzel is with sliced lemons.


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