Preparing Schnitzel

In this recipe we will make about 7 or 8 5- 6 ounce Schnitzels. These will pretty much cover a regular size dinner plate so you will need. The size of your schnitzel can vary. 3 oz. makes a nice schnitzel for an average appetite.

3 Lbs Pork Loin
This is the part of the pork that they make chops out of.

You can of course use veal, but it is not so easy to find anymore and it is not cheap. Even lots of the best restaurants in Austria use Pork now instead of veal. Other options are Chicken breast, or turkey breast.

Lay the Pork Loin on a cutting board and remove the top fat.

Remove the fat and tough gristle by sliding a thin sharp knife under the skin and cut a strip

Grab that strip with your other hand and cut the other way to the end of the roast cutting a strip.
Repeat this till the meat is clean of all the fat and gristle.

Remove the tail end of the loin. Use this in some other dish, or make stock for the gravy.

We are going to cut a butterfly slice
Cut about 3/8 inch wide slice but not al the way down .

Leave about 1/ 4 inch from the bottom

The next cut go the same width but all the way down.
You will have a piece that looks like a butterfly shape.

Lay it out between a plastic storage bag that you cut the sides of so it opens and closes like a book. You want to keep it between the two sheets of plastic so the meat slides instead of tears.

With a meat mallet use the flat part to pound out the schnitzel. You can use a bottle or a rolling pin also. The technique takes some practice, you pound it and push away from the center at the same time. This forces the meat to spread out.

You can see how thin this is, about 1 /4 inch thick.