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German Schnitzel Recipes

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When the schnitzel is good you feel that you have come across
one of the culinary wonders of the world. Tender…crisp….
savory…simple and satisfying…….

I have gone through an evolvement of making this
fabulous dish, that is so much of a song to German cuisine.

As apple pie and chicken fried steak would be to the United
States, so is Schnitzel, very often served with pomme fritz as a simple comfort food like we would grab a meatloaf or fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

there is a lot of really ….mediocre schnitzel out there. It is too thick, too much breading, soggy or gloopy gravy.

Right amount of nicely seasoned breading to meat, that gives the perfect savory bite…..of tender. flavorful ….and goes down



Some Background on Schnitzel
Learn a little about the history and different types of Schnitzel.

Basic Schnitzel Preparation
The secret of good schnitzel is in the pounding it thin and the right breading and frying.

This is your basic schnitzel served with just a squeeze of lemon and parsley

Likely the most popular, using a nice mushroom sauce.

Also called Gypsy Schnitzel this has a sauce of paprika , and mild peppers. Very simple sauce, mostly the flavor of the peppers.

Chicken Zigeunerschnitzel
This has a touch of sweet and sour in the sauce.

Kalbschnitzel Cordon Bleu
This is a veal schnitzel topped with ham and Emmenthaller or Swiss cheese.

Holstein Schnitzel

This schnitzel is topped with a fried egg and anchovy filets

Pretzel Crusted Schnitzel
This is a basic schnitzel with a cream sauce or pan gravy and cream.

Pan Fried Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce
Chicken schnitzel with just a small amount of breading,
and simmered in the mushroom sauce instead of using
it as a topping.

Buffalo Schnitzel
This tosses the small Schnitzels in authentic Buffalo Wing hot sauce and topped
with blue cheese. A great adaption for Schnitzel into American culture.

Southwestern Schnitzel
A tip from a German to try using crushed corn chips to bead a Schnitzel . Thi


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