Quark Stollen

1 lb flour (500gr) 4 tsp Bakingpowder
1/2 lb sugar
1 P. Vanilla sugar
1 dash of salt
1Tbsp. Rum ( I like a little more, by letting it soak into my raisins or craisins)
1 grated lemon rind
2 Eggs
1/2 lb Butter
1/2 lb Quark or Ricotta cheese (250gr)
1'2 lb Raisins or Craisins, I like the later
1/4 lb chopped Almonds
50 gr Citron

1. Put flour with the baking powder in a food processor or blender, in the middle add sugar, spices and eggs, mix lightly.

Add ricotta cheese and sliced butter, raisins or (craisins) and chopped nuts and citron to it and knead quickly to a stiff dough.
Form your Stollen loaves (2) on baking sheet and bake at low heat 325 or 350 degrees F. for 75 minutes or until a toothpick pick comes out clean.

On top of still hot Stollen spread melted butter and sprinkle thick with Powder sugar.
Good Luck! The preparation of materials is more work, than throwing it all into the blender and baking it.