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This is a simple soup that is representative of how to make something from nothing in the tough times

Donated by Einzi Johnson

Einbrenn is the German word for ...Roux

Einzi said "My mother made the same thing for gravy. As far as I remember it was equal parts of fat ( whatever was on hand or what it was used for) and flour. My mother used to make the Einbrenne to build a gravy on or soup. E.g. she used bacon fat and flour and just browned it until she had the color she was looking for. Then she added stock or added it to the pan drippings."

This Einbrenne Soup recipe is from Einzi's 1933 German Cookbook .
The translation follows;

Bound Soups

15. White Base Soup (weiße Einbrennsuppe).The following pertains to the soup in question.It
is to each own liking to use boullion cubes,meat extract, meat or bone broth. For 4 bowls use 2 Tbsp fat,2 Tbsp flour,and generous liter ( generous quart)-stock or water. On medium heat fat should be meltedin a pot and under constant stirring four should be added.One the right color is reached, add the liquidslowly( use wisk)if clumps formed add some more fat and stir some more. Soup also could be sieved.

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3 Tblsp any kind of fat
( bacon, lard, beef fat, chicken fat)
1 teaspoon, Cumin ground or whole caraway seeds)
6 Tblsp Flour
some Paprika (2 teas. )

1/2-1 liter (1 quart) of stock or water. depending on how thick you want it.

Put the fat, seasonings and flour in a heavy duty pan and cook on medium low heat , stirring constantly till it has a nutty aroma.
Cooking it for just a few minutes will give you a white roux..

Here we have cooked it longer to get what is called a blond roux.

You can keep browning the flour and oil, it will develop a deeper richer flavor as you brown it.


Here is a deep brown roux. it is ready to add the Stock to it.

add 1 liter cold water or stock, cook 2-3 minutes and add pepper and salt to your liking.Top with croutons and sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley.We always ate buttered bread with it.If you use cold water you can add a boullion cube.

It is a simple recipe I am sure people can improve it somehow, but people like the simple soup the best.

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