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Kaethe's Kartoffelsuppe

Kaethe's potato soup:

Kaethe's Kartoffelsuppe:

3 Suppenknochen
Maggie klare Fleischbruehe (1 Teeloeffel fuer 1/4 Liter Bruehe)
2 kg Kartoffel
1 Stange Lauch
2 Gelbe Rueben
1 Stueck Zellerie
Frische Petersilie
2 grosse Tomaten
2 Zwiebel
Salz nach Geschmack


3 Suppenknochen abkochen fuer Fleischbruehe.
Die Knochen herausnehmen und Klare Fleischbruehe (Maggie) dazugeben, 1 Teeloeffel fuer 1/4 Liter Wasser.

2 1/2 Liter Fleischbruehe benutzen (8Teeloeffel Maggie Klare Fleischbruehe) hinzugeben.

Kartoffel schaelen und in Stuecke schneiden. Lauch, Gelbe Rueben, Zellerie,Petersilie, und Tomaten in Stuecke schneiden und mit Kartoffel zusammen kochen, bis Kartoffel gar sind.

Alles mit dem Food Processor Puerrieren, oder durch einen Sieb pressen, und die Fleischbruehe nach und nach dazugeben.

Zwiebel anschweissen in Oel und mit Suppe mischen.

Salz nach Geschmack dazugeben und etwas aufkochen lassen

Kaethe's Potato Soup:

3 soup bones
Maggie clear Boulion (1 teaspoon for 1 / 4 liter of broth) Any good chicken boullion will work. It needs to be clear and not brown. Ready made stock in a can works as well.
2 kg potatoes (about 4 1/2 lbs.)
1 stalk of Leek
2 yellow beets or carrots
1 chunk of celery root ( about 1 cup)
Fresh parsley
2 large tomatoes
2 onion
Salt to taste
whipping cream ( could use milk or half and half)

(roughly translated)

3 soup bones for Stock
pork or Beef bones cook and strain.

Use (Maggie) Boullion flavoring
1 teaspoon for 1 / 4 liter (1 cup) of water.
so for 2 1/2 liter (2 and 1/2 qts) about 8 teaspoons.
note* as said above you can substitute chicken boullion or canned stock. It needs to be clear and not murky brown.

Peel potatoes
Cut potatoes Leeks, yellow beets or carrots , celery, parsley, and tomatoes.into 1 inch pieces.

Cook , together with potato until potatoes and vegetables are soft in the Broth

Puree everything in a blender or food processor in small batches.

Chop the onions in a small dice and saute in oil till soft. Add to the soup.

Salt to taste.

Slurry: (optional)

( If after you puree soup it is not as creamy as you like it. mix 1 cup of water and 6 tablespoons of flour in small mixing bowl.
Bring the soup to a simmer and then pour in a stream a little of this slurry into the soup to thicken and it also emulsifies this soup. )


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