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Gestampfe Salad
(Pounded Kraut Salad )

I love this kraut salat and make it often The secret to the cabbage is elbowgrease and salt. First shred your cabbage sauerkraut thin on a mandoline or cut in fine shreds with a knife. Generously salt the cabage and mix with your hands. Continue mixing and at the same time squeezing the cabbage firmly with your hands. It will start to break down, releasing its natural juices and soften up.Do this for about 3-5 minutes. Let sit for about 45min Add some vinegar (I use white or rice vinegar)a little neutral (canola)oil, pepper and some dill if you like. You may vary it with finely chopped red peper, chives or green onions. Sugar can also be added. It's basically a "to taste" thing.Sometimes we put some cream in it, though not much. Chill and enjoy. This is a restaurant staple and lasts days in the fridge. It's a good dish to make ahead.

From Corliss
Chef in Germany for 16 years


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