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Sausage making with Mom and Dad
(On the Idaho Farm)

When I was younger and back home on the Eastern Idaho Farm, where my Dad and Uncle raised Russet Seed Potatoes, Grains, Holstein Dairy Cattle, Pigs and Sheep, we made our own sausage from Pork and Beef. We shared a sausage stuffer and their was a plank on the one side, where we sat, while the sausage was being stuffed on the other side of the Stuffer.

Before the sausages were stuffed into the plastic casings my Dad would mix it in a  clean, blue, oval-shaped granite (baby bathtub without the baby in it, of course). He used 50 lbs. of ground pork and the same amount of ground beef. Then, my Mom would help him with the spices to be added. They let us fry a pattie to see, if it tasted just right. Yum! Yummy!

After each sausage was stuffed Mom would use white heavy duty string (the kind that was used on packages to be mailed) and then they would tie several sausages on an old wooden broomstick to be taken to the wonderful aromatic smokehouse. I loved to open the door of the smokehouse and enjoy a good whiff or two.

My folks also cured hams and sausages. When my oldest daughter was born my Dad bought a smoked ham for us to serve. A Black Forest Ham of the same size at the German Deli had a price tag of $75.00 on it and that was almost thirty years ago.    

Karla Nurnberg

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