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Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

1 Large Red cabbage
1 large apple, peeled cored and diced
Handful of raisins(I remember golden raisins)
Bacon grease

Wash cabbage cut into quarers and cut again.
In a large pan put cabbage, add water bring to a boil, reduce heat. When cabbage is somewhat boiled down, add a little vinegar(this keeps the color in the cabbage).Add diced apple, raisens and bacon grease. Reduce heat to low, simmer til cabbage is very tender. there should not be alot of liquid in the cabbage.

This is my mothers version. She did not specify how much bacon grease. I seem to remember a tablespoon, maybe
2 when I watched it being fixed. Hope this helps. It's one of my favorite side dishes, but I don't cook it since my mother always does at Christmas. Growing up we use to have it more often with meals, esp. with Pork Roast.

Adrienne Davis



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