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Aviator's Salad
by Carla Cardini

This is Caesar Cardini's brother's recipe taught by
his grandaughter Carla Cardini for the
Houston Chowhounds.

The History of Caesar Salad  | Caesar Salad Recipes



Carla Cardini


(4 servings)

The nice leaves of 4 heads of Romaine, wash and crisp up in the fridge.

Marinate 5 cloves of garlic in 1/2 cup of vegetable or light olive oil for 15-30 minutes or longer.

Boil 4 eggs exactly one minute; run under cold water immediately

Grate about 1 1/2 cups fresh parmesan cheese

Cut 4 key limes in half (or 3 lemons)
Alex Cardini said that limes were in the original recipe but were wrongly translated to a lemon.

To prepare croutons,
Thin slice a baguette i and bake till golden brown.

Soak very lightly the crouton and brush with the garlic oil
.Put a dollop of f anchovy paste on top of each crouton. Set aside.

The Mixing of the Salad

1. Place romaine in a wooden or stainless steel bowl. Greens should be dry and crisp.

2. Sprinkle salt & pepper over greens

3. Pour a small amount of the olive oil mixture over the greens

4. Crack soft cooked eggs over the salad greens.

5. Add lime or lemon juice
Now Roll the leaves instead of tossing them, this makes the
dressing emulsify around the leaves.

6. Add 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce and toss lightly

7. Add cheese to greens - be sure to cover the leaves evenly.

8. Add croutons to tossed salad.

Place the greens on chilled plates with the stem end out
The original salad was meant to be picked up and eaten
by the hands.

Some tips by Carla Cardini

•Caesar salad does not need to be made with extra-virgin olive oil According to Cardini, a neutral-flavored vegetable oil works just fine. That’s what her grandfather and great-uncle used.

•The proper citrus juice for the Caesar salad is lime, not lemon juice. An error in translation from the Spanish is the reason we use lemon juice today.

•Americans use way too much garlic in the salad. Do not rub the bowl with garlic. Rather, let a garlic clove infuse the vegetable oil for an hour or two before using, then discard the garlic.

•Caesar salad is made with whole romaine leaves. They should not be torn.

•Do not pour in the boxed croutons. Instead, brush a slice of baguette with oil and toast. Using anchovy paste, add a smear to the crouton. Allow one crouton per person and add them to the salad.

•The salad should not be tossed. Rather, the leaves should be gently “rolled” to mix the dressing. Use your hands.

•Also use your hands to eat the salad.


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