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The History of the
Glass Dining Room Tables


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So how did that beautiful glass furniture come to be ?
Glass dining furniture provides a brilliant touch to your

Lightning Strikes an idea!
Glass is made from silica or common sand that is melted. This
was probably discovered when lightening strikes sand it can leave
a form of glass.

Signs of man made glass discovered from over 4500 years ago

Glass has been a part of human decoration going back as far as the Phoenicians.
Glass is basically sand that has been melted and then shaped.
Phoenicians used the melted sand as a glaze for the pots as early as 3000 BC.

Egypt leads the way: Around 1500 BC

Egypt's "New Kingdom" made glass jars as well as beads, and traded
them for good money. The glass was highly prized and often thought to
have magical powers. They discovered that by adding manganese to the
glass It would turn a purple shade.
The earliest glass jars were made in Egypt and molded around a bag of sand.
The when the glass had hardened, the bag of sand was broke, so you could
remove the glass jar.

The art of making glass spreads all over Europe and even into Asia, most
every country along the trade routes. In time the demand for glass diminished.
However new ideas and styles emerged from Venice and Germany that created
a new demand.

30 BC the blow pipe for Vases
The invention of the blow pipe made it much easier to blow a glass jar
or drinking vessel.

Invention of the Mirror

The mirror was invented near Syria, where they found that you could mix metal and
and glass and you would get a mirror.
However they were curved, and more like carnival mirrors.
Not until the 11th century mirrors became flat and a hot product.

1300's The Venetians usher in the 2nd golden age of glass
Venice was a center of great glass craftsmen. They made a very
transparent but crystalline style glass that was THEE glass to own.

The Britt's discover Leaded Glass and Plate Glass in the Late 1600's
The Glass makers in England discovered that adding lead oxide to glass
made it more durable. It was called lead crystal and it was a particularly
brilliant glass that was discovered accidentally when George Ravenscroft
accidentally put lead oxide into the glass mixture instead of lime.

The French develop Plate Glass , Late 1600's
In the late 1600's the French developed polishing and grinding techniques and
came up with the first plate glass that could be used for glass tables and

1800's Industrial Revolution
Glass went from individually blown to machines that could blow, grind and polish
glass. First there were hand operated machines but then steam powered machines
made windows and glass furniture affordable. toward the late 1800's.

Tempered 1874
François Royer de la Bastie of France invented tempered glass by reheating the glass
and cooling it in a special way that if it broke it would crumble into pieces instead
of huge jagged pieces that were very dangerous.

Float Glass 1952
Alistair Pilkington developed a process for getting a perfectly flat sheet of glass without
the need for polishing and grinding by floating a thin sheet of hot liquid glass on a bed
of molten tin.

Some Modern Glass Dining Room Tables

Galaxy Dining Set
Here is an example of a Square table that uses a square glass top and a pedestal. The pedestal gives the advantage of giving your legs more freedom.

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Saturn Dining Set

Here is an example of a Toughened or Tempered Glass top and a nice hard oak wood table. Nice contrasting color and shape. Round glass tables are great for socializing because there is no head of the table and everyone is facing each other.

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Moroccan Dining Set
Here is an example of metal and glass together that looks very bright and the detail and curves give an artistic feel.

more information for the Moroccan Dining Set


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