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The History of the
Trestle Dining Room Table


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Earliest Form of Table:

The Trestle table is probably the earliest form of wood dining table.
It was became very popular in the middle ages when castles and forts were designed to protect a large group of people. A common room
could be used to for activities and dining by setting up two trestles
and a large slab of wood on top. The table could then be disassembled
and the room could then be used for dancing or games. When it came
time to sleep folks could lay out straw mats and use the room as a bedroom.

As time progressed the need for defense was less and the population lived outside castles. This was the age of the craftsman. While this table style was still functional it was also important to be
appealing to the eye, so ornate carving in beautiful pieces of wood
became the standard and it was then instead of 3 hunks of wood it became
a "Trestle Dining Room Table".

Ease of Transporting;

The trestle table was also easy to transport as families became more
mobile. You could disassemble a trestle table easily and transport it
in a horse drawn cart or a ship.


Some Modern Trestle Dining Room Tables

Gradi 6 Seater Style
The Bershka Style
The Havana Style
Mexican Dinette Style

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