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The History of
Wood Dinning Room Tables

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What to look for in
wood dining room furniture

The History of
Dining Room Tables

The History of
Glass Dining Room Tables

The History of
Trestle Dining Room Tables

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Deep craving for Naturalness...

To understand our desire for wood furniture, we should realize that man likes to connect with nature,seeing the grain and natural appearance of solid wood furniture has a certain reassuring feeling to it.

Egyptians preferred wood furniture....,
while other cultures would use metal, Egyptian tables and chairs were made of wood . Most of the tables were short like a coffee table. Egyptians sat on the floor when they ate and may have used the table but not necessarily. Often tables were used just to keep things off the floor or offer foods to their deceased relatives.

Ancient Greek and Roman Tables

The Greeks and Romans were the first as we know who made tables that were primarily used for eating.
Greeks developed many of the ideas that we use today in dining room tables. The picture shows
Romans dining on couches that were different levels. the highest of course being for the person of honor.
In the Roman Empire dining tables were often made from wood or metal and would normally have four feet
linked by stretchers in the shape of an x. Dining tables were more often than not, round or semicircles and very large.

The Era of Artistic Crafted Furniture

Arguably the most intricately crafted chairs and tables hail from the 18th and 19th centuries. French, American, English and German craftsmen all produced highly detailed, exquisitely-crafted wooden chairs and tables that displayed the grains, knots and patterns of exotic woods, all protected under layers of lacquer.


Victorian tables were considered racy?

In the Victorian era table legs were often covered up as were lady's legs. Not even the slightest bit showed.
I mean after all they are "Legs". The tables however were beautifully built

How the Early Colonial Wood Tables were built.

Early dining room tables used wood that was available but the preferred woods were Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Fruitwoods such as Cherry and apple and rosewood. Often hard durable woods that were less attractive
were used in hidden pieces for strength.

Today many lower end dining room tables are made of inexpensive woods like pine, gum, fir and ash and composite woods.

Expensive woods are still used for upper end furniture and often they are used in conjunction
with other woods, metal or glass, and sometimes expensive wood veneers are used on top of soft woods.

What do they use in wood dining room tables
Furniture is either made of Hardwood or Softwood or composites.
Hardwood trees retain their leaves all year long and Softwoods loose their leaves each year
Composites are made up of wood and plastic ground up and bound together.

The hardwoods like Oak, Teak, Mahogany, and Walnut are of course more durable but also more expensive.
Soft Woods like Pine are a good choice but they also dent easily.

Composites are the least expensive and often cheap looking as well.

Another choice is veneer. This centuries old technique uses thin slices of the wood that are bonded to a softwood or composite,
so it has the look of a hardwood but costs much less.

Examples of
Wood Dining Room Furniture

Amora Dining Room Set

Here is an example of a dining room table that has Oak veneer.
This design looks like it was inspired by the farmhouse style that
gives a homey family feel.


Ashburn Dining Set

Here is a classic round wood table with a decorative circular base that has saber
legs. This looks like a design reminiscent of design from ancient Egyptian and Roman
times. Great for the social value where everyone can face each other. Great to double
as a game table.


Belmont Dining Set

Here is another Farmhouse inspired table that has the pedestal style legs.
This gives more comfortable leg room, great especially if you have extra guests
at your event. The two Carver chairs are for the heads of table or parents, guest of honor.


Carolina Pine Dining Set

Here is an example of a solid Pine Table in the farmhouse style.


Oregan Dining Set

This is an example of a Trestle style table , also with an Oak veneer.


Sherwood Stowaway Dining Set

This is a contemporary style dining set that is also gives a nice space saving look.


Southhall Dining Set

This is an example of a drop leaf table. When extended it seats comfortably 4
but folds down to save space.


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