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Grinding your own Hamburger

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In reading around the burger blogs and talking to others, I found was encouraged to grind my own burger and try it.

What is wrong with the hamburger that you buy in the supermarket? Nothing but it can sometimes be mushed down, or re-ground with some of the scraps and a good fluffy texture is lost or you don't really get the best ratio of the cuts that make for the juiciest"beefiest" burger.



I read about using short rib meat. This meat is known to be very flavorful,
because of its fat content and the gelatinous compounds that give
it that real "beefy" sensation.

I also used some chuck, and I went half and half weight wise with the chuck and
the short rib meat. In reading I have also heard that the brisket makes a perfect
ground beef as well.

First I cut the short rib meat off the bone.

I know Make sure the meat is very cold before grinding it.
Put it back in the fridge or freezer for a short period of time if necessary.

I used a grinding attachment for a Kitchen Aid Mixer.
If you don't have a grinder you can use a food processor or even
chill the meat and hand chop it with a knife.

I used a large hole plate.

This is my mix of the short rib and the chuck
As you can see the mix doesn't look as mooshed together as a store bought
ground beef.

Next I added to the mix some ground pork loin and ground salt pork

I used the lean pork so I could use some for a "Leanburger" and some for my signature burger blend
that we are developing.

This was a very flavorful blend, and it reminds me of a German style hamburger called a Frickadell.

The different blends

1. was the short rib, chuck, pork and salt pork

This is a very tasty blend, and I will use it for a German style
burger amongst other things. A very rounded meaty flavor and very juicy.
If I am not grinding a lean burger I am going to just use a pork shoulder instead
of the loin, and eliminate the salt pork.

2. was just short rib and chuck
This was awesome "beefy flavor" !
Definitely on it's way to becoming my first choice for a signature blend.

3. was just the ground pork.
This was very delicious, and we later mixed it with some ground sirloin to make our
Lettuce Wrap Burger. This is definitely a keeper for calorie wise burgers.


My choice of cooking them was a hard wood charcoal in this case Mesquite.

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Grinding Your Own Hamburger

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