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Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling potatoes are a small tube shaped potato, They are an Heirloom Potato variety, sometimes called a Folk Variety.

These are fully mature potatoes when harvested, and not a new potato.

Their name comes from the length of the potato is close to finger length and not the shape.

They are low in starch and have a firm waxy texture.

The skin is very thin so it is desirable to leave the skin on when cooking them.

Like most potatoes they originated in South America, however European immigrants brought them to North America.




Why are they called Fingerling Potatoes?

Here are some of the varieties

French Fingerling

Russian Banana

Purple Peruvian


Fingerling potatoes nurtrion compared to other potatoes

Fingerling potatoes have less starch than other potatoes, also lower glycemic index.
They are often suggested by nutritionists as a healthier potato.

Glycemic Index


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