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            Famous Menus

The Menu

Ham and eggs

Southern Fried Chicken

Oysters Rockefeller,

Roast Suckling Pig,

Poached and Candied Salmon,


Eggs Minnette,

Wedding Cake
(Pricilla's famous
6 tiered cake)


May 1st, 1967

The Wedding of
Elvis and Priscilla Presley

at the Aladdin Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada

An estimated 100 guests dined

About the Menu

Southern fried chicken,  | Oysters Rockefeller

There is a recipe for Pricilla's Extravagent Wedding cake in "Are You Hungry Tonight" by Brenda Arlen Butler (Gramercy Books) Apparently the recipe is 9 pages long!

Information donated by Janet Clarkson




Are You Hungry Tonight? : Elvis'...

Mamma's mashed potatoes and lemon meringue pie, Priscilla's extravagant wedding cake--the King is gone but his favorite meals live on in this cookbook, packed with enough photographs of the singer to delight any Elvis aficionado


Fit for a King : The Elvis Presley...

With everything from Hominy Grits and Fried Okra to Meat Loaf and Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches Fit for a King( has enough to make any mouth water. Many of the recipes in Fit for a King (were provided by Elvis's cook, Alvena Roy.

In the Foreword, Alvena remembers such meals as when the Beatles visited Graceland, Elvis and Priscilla's wedding reception, and Christmas at Graceland.

According to the Charleston Gazette, "this true culinary tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll is a must for all Elvis connoisseurs." Not merely a collection of recipes, Fit for a King (contains many delightful anecdotes and quotations revealing Elvis Presley as the thoughtful and down-to-earth man he was

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