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A place to find out the history of different foods. Chef Stephen Block hosts this site .

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September 9
The History of Focacia Bread
Focacia is sort of half way between Pizza and bread. The word focacia is derived
from the latin word meaning hearth.

April 29,
Does Mayonnaise in a casserole freeze well ? .....yes it does.
Also I make a dip made with mayo, spinach,
artichokes, asiago cheese and parmesan cheese. Very rich but wonderful!
I have another dip that I make with sour cream, pesto and parmesan cheese.
Do you think that this will freeze as well?

HI Lisa,
I have frozen the spinach artichoke dip ....which is one of my favorites ....and it works well .Because of the cheeses it keeps it's consistency. However the sour cream pesto dip I don't think would freeze well. the texture depends too much on the sour cream.

I will send you one of our Frozen food web pages

April 28,
What is the history of Soda Bread
I will refer you to this web site

April 28,
Can you help us make a Kuchen ( German Cake )
Yes .Theresa,..this is a wonderful German cake that you can use any fruit in season
Just click here for the recipe

April 21,
Question: What does cream of tartar do in a cookie recipe?

Question: What is Pretzel called in German ....

Question:Help!!I am having a corned beef and cabbage dinner for 20 people on Sunday. Could you please tell me how much corned beef I would need to buy and if I can cook it the day before and reheat it. If so, what is the best way to reheat. Thanks very much! Read more here

Question:How do I Keep a milk based soup from breaking when held for several hours.

Question: What is the history of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Nothing has been found that has been written about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before 1940.

Question: What is the history of Caesar Salad?

Question: I belong to a dinner group that has different themes. The current theme is Beer. My course is salad. Help! I am really stumped.........

Question: I am interested in more "famous menus" like the one posted by chef
Vatel for a dinner for King Louis the XIV. I belong to a "Cuisine Club" and would like to re-create menus from famous dinners. Can you recommend a book, web-sites, or other sources for me?
Thank you, Franny
Here are some other famous menus
Lincoln's Innaguration
Elvis Presley's Wedding








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