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   Recipes From a German Grandma


While Grandma was cooking dinner, the children enjoyed playing in the Blocks’ beautiful back yard. They always hoped that when they were called to the table, there would be Kartoffle-Kloese (Potato-Dumplings) or a big bowl of steaming “Spaetzles” (tiny dumpling-noodles) topped with brown buttered crumbs.

Spaetzles (Spatzen)
Cream of Wheat Dumplings
Kartoffle Kloesse (Potato Dumplings)
Homemade Noodles
Crumb Topping for Dumplings or Noodles
(For Gefullte-Noodles, see “Soups and Casseroles,”

SPAETZLES (Spatzen: Tiny Dumplings)
The German plural word for “Spaetzle” is “Spatzen.” But Grandma always called them “Spaetzles,” and so we do too.

These little batter-noodles were made whenever Grandma Block cooked a Pot Roast or Sauerbraten. She started the Spaetzle batter about an hour ahead of time, beat the batter with a wooden paddle for a minute or two, then let the batter “rest” for a little while. Then it would be beaten some more. In fact, whenever anyone headed for the kitchen, they’d be asked to “Give the spaetzles a stir!” By the time it was ready to use, the batter was elastic, shiny and slightly thick. (The batter works well even without all that beating!)

You will need a colander or a special Spaetzle-maker-a pan with 3/8 inch holes in the bottom. Or, cutting bits of the batter from a spoon into the boiling water works well-it’s just slower. Here is method:

4 eggs (or more)
½ egg-shell of water for each egg used Enough flour to make a thick batter
A pinch of salt

Whisk the eggs and water together, and add flour gradually, beating well. Let batter “rest” after beating, repeat beating and resting several times, then push through Spaetzel-maker with wooden spoon into boiling water. When all the Spaetzles are floating, lift them out into a serving dish and cover with Buttered Crumb Topping.

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