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Are We A Good Mix?

The Kitchen Project is always on the lookout for good sites to join us. We, here at the Kitchen Project, would like this little piece of cyber space to hold all of the best cooking, dining and eating web sites that we can find. We have a good offer for those of you who cannot afford Domain names, Hosting Services and Design firms. You can actually be a part of the Kitchen Project and still have your own identity.

If you would like more information on this opportunity, please email us and you will see for yourself why many folks are taking the step to make their web sites more functional, informative and profitable. Together, we can achieve more.

We give you a place to park your web site, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption ordering, use of our credit card software and we will even help with the design of your web site for one low fee payable in quarterly installments. Check out our offerings and Join Today!

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