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Stephen Block

Hi There,

Good to meet you,

My name is Stephen Block. I am your host.

I started the Kitchen Project in 1998. The name has to do with my favorite musican that inspired me, Alan Parsons. I just love the word project and making things. The difference between cooking a recipe and doing a project is the development and evolvement that happens when you research it and get creative minds involved .

I first started the project with a family cookbook about the interesting life and recipes that my German Grandmother had raising a family in Portland, Oregon. Our whole family contributed and we thought it was a good way to preserve the wonderful culture and memories of life at a different time.


My German Cookbook

My Grandmothers House               

   I started selling the book and having online discussions with people all over the world about German cooking, their experiences with their German relatives. Also, sharing recipes, and helping reconstruct ones they have had that their Grandmother or someone in their family use to make.

Recipes from a German Grandma

I enjoy working with students and sharing the joys of cooking.

Stephen Block Cooking

Many other projects have started, Some have moved forward, some are sitting dormant.

Recipes from a German Grandma

Vanilla Enchantment

The Food History Project

I have enjoyed helping students with culinary contests also

They have so many good ideas and tremendous creative energy. I believe so much in the Pro-Start challenge.


Picture of hte Redmond Pro Start team 2003

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