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Christa on Wienerschnitzel:

Boneless pork or veal or Porkchops, not to thick.

Tenderize with a meathammer.

Salt &pepper,beat egg with a little water in a deep plate,put flour on waxpaper. Next put breadcrumbs.dredge meat in flour

Then dip in egg , then breadcrumbs.

Let sit a little while.

I do not deep fry mine, rather heat olive oil in nonstick pan & fry till done depending on thickness.Turn carefully. Can also be finished in oven.

Serve with lemon slices or lemon juice.

Melanie talks about Wienerschnitzel : the original Wiener Schnitzel is made out of lamb and is about 1/2" thick. However the cheaper version of the original one is called "Schnitzel Wiener Art", which means it is a type of Wiener Schnitzel and it is made out of pork.

You pat it dry, put salt and pepper on both sides and a little bit of flour as well.
Then you beat up eggs (i would say you need maybe 2 eggs for 4 Schnitzel depending how big they are)and lay the schnitzel in there. then you take them out and put them in bread crumbs...u bake them in a pan until golden brown on each side or until the pork is done. And that's it..

You do the same if you use lamb.


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