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EIERLIKÖR (Egg Liquor)

8 egg yolks
1/2 teaspoon sifted confectioners sugar
1 large can of condensed milk
125 milliliters grain alcohol
1 vanilla bean

Beat egg yolks then add confectioners sugar. Stir in condensed milk and grain alcohol. Beat on high speed again until foamy. Fill in bottle with wide neck and place 1 lengthwise-opened vanilla bean in bottle. Let rest for several weeks. Then enjoy.


EIERLIKÖR (Egg Liquor)

500 milliliters milk
5 egg yolks
400 grams sugar
2 packages vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon rum
375 milliliters grain alcohol

Bring milk to a boil, remove from heat and set aside to cool completely. On high speed, beat yolks and sugar. Add vanilla sugar and beat until light and foamy. Add cooled milk slowly while continuously stirring. Add rum and grain alcohol.

If egg liqueur is too thick, add some more boiled and cooled milk. Egg liquor is thicker than the typical eggnog. Fill into wide-neck bottle, let sit for several weeks, then enjoy or use for recipes.


EIERLIKÖR (Egg Liquor)

6 whole eggs
1 pkg vanilla sugar
500 grams sugar
500 milliliters heavy cream
500 milliliters cognac

On high speed beat eggs, vanilla and sugar until light and fluffy. Reduce to medium speed and add cream and cognac.
Fill into wide-neck bottle, and let rest for a few weeks.




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