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German Style Eiskaffee
(Iced Coffee Drink)

Through history In Germany, the tradition is to eat many small meals. The tradition use to be 5 meals, although some qualify more as snacks.

All over Germany in the afternoon there are many people in homes and restaurant beer gardens or that enjoy a nice afternoon snack. My parents always have coffee and a pastry around 3:00 in the afternoon.

There are also many coffee shops called Kaffehaus. I have heard it told that they like their coffee brewed very strong. Stronger anyway than those in your average restaurants in the states.

One of the popular drinks is a
Ice Coffee ....Eiskaffe ..

Start with good quality brewed coffee. Even the stuff left over from breakfast.

a scoop of vanilla ice cream, good quality
In a nice tall glass.
Pour in a stiff cup of coffee or espresso chilled
1/2 cup whipped cream, sweetened to taste

You can garnish it with
1 teaspoon grated sweet chocolate,
1 fancy wafer cookies (in a cylander or a heart shape)

You can also make it as simple as vanilla sugar or vanillezucher
and Ice. To make it creamy add some milk or cream. Frappe it in a blender to make it smooth.

Add some Kirschwasser and pitted cherries and vanilla sugar.

Some people add Liquers to the coffee like Baileys. Be creative and serve in a tall fancy clear glass with a handle.


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