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German Breakfast Eggs
(on Cabbage Hill)

2 lbs sliced raw potatoes ( sliced 3/8 " thick, not to thin or they will fall apart)
1/2 cup onion sliced
1 Green bell pepper sliced
Jalapeno, or other spicy peppers (optional)
Different left over meats diced .( bacon, ham, salami, bologna, roast beef for example)
8 eggs whipped up in a bowl.
Bacon fat
Jelly or Jam of choice (such as strawberry or grape)

This is a dish that was part of my growing up on "Cabbage Hill" which was a German community of mostly Pennsylvania Dutch and Mennonite in Lancaster PA.

When I was growing up my mother would make this dish for breakfast or even dinner.

She would start with her cast iron skillet and with some bacon fat .Then fry the potatoes first until about half-way done.
Add the bell peppers , and onion and cook until soft and crispy.

Add the meats and spicy peppers and cook till heated.

Add the eggs , stir and then let cook on low heat till all the eggs have set.

Turn this "pie" over onto a serving plate, and top with favorite jelly or jam if desired. (This cuts the heat of the peppers)

This dish was practical as well as delicious because we often didn't have a lot of food, we could use scraps so nothing would go to waste.

Also there was only one pan to wash!

George Moser



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