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German Style Egg Nog (EierFlip)

NOTE: To those who are worried about egg-contamination , this recipe can be prepared safely by
microwaving the eggs, after separation but before whipping, to a slow boil; it will alter the
texture of the drink, but might make you feel better.

6 eggs, separated
2 cups sugar
1 tbsp. vanilla
1 pint cream
Milk (as needed)

Beat egg whites to a froth; set aside. Beat yolks with sugar until thick and creamy. Add vanilla,
then stir in whites. Whip cream until very thick, and stir into mixture. The result will be too
thick, so dilute with milk until it's liquid enough to drink. If desired, spike nog with liquor
(about a shot per serving) of your choice. Garnish with nutmeg, if you dare. Makes 10 to 12 small

Jonathan Panttaja's Eggnog Recipe

Donated by Evelyn


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