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Pickled Red Eggs

12 eggs
1 lb. fresh red beets
small onion sliced
allspice 1/4 teaspoon
mace 1/4 teaspoon

Basic Pickle Brine
1 cup water
1 cup vinegar (5% acidity at least)

We use to make pickled red beet eggs, first boil and peel a dozen  eggs put in a glass jar. Take beets peel,slice and cook in apple vinegar water solution to cover with a small onion sliced, when cooked taste for salt and pepper add allspice and mace, it should be bitey buy not so sour, the vinegar will be the perservitive.

Donated by George Moser

While warm (not hot) hot pore over eggs and let sit for a couple of days the long the redder the eggs, the are there best when even the yolk turns red.


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