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Oma Hermine's

(She skipped the onions and gerkins though)
Butterfly steak (beef sirloin)
Good smoked bacon
Dried vegetable flakes, salt and pepper to taste
finely diced onion (can be optional but is traditional)
sweet gerkins finely diced (can be optional but is traditional)

Butterflied steak (steak that is thinly sliced or Italian briscole), Pound the meat to form a rectanglular shape.
Meanwhile, fry smoked bacon until just browned in a skillet, then roughly cut it up. Do not clean the pan, you will use the grippings to cook the rouladen.
Place 2 slices of chopped bacon to each Rouladen. Add diced onion and sweet gerkins, about a teaspoon of the mixture. Roll and place a toothpick in meat to secure the rouladen.
Fry in the bacon grease until just brown on all sides. Remove from the pan. Make a gravy with the drippings. NOTE Oma always added some vegetable flakes and she used some of the water from the boiled potatoes to make the gravy. She said it added more flavor.
After making a gravy, add the rouladen back to the fry pan and cover. Simmer for about 1/2 hour or until the meat is done in the center.
BUT here is my easy, lazy way
I make everything the same except i use Heinz jar gravy. I pour it into the bacon grease and heat it up then add the meat back into the gravy and simmer. I am not very good at making gravy. It comes out almost the same. The bacon in the gravy makes the whole thing taste delicious.

Hermine Schilling.  pronounced Hermeena.  She was born in the Schwartzwald. 

Donated by, Kathy Schilling-Days


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