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We lived in Germany for many years and can't make it without a schnitzel fix now and then. Shop for veal that is thinly sliced and very light colored. Pork that is light in color and boneless makes a good version as well. We also do this with turkey or chicken cutlets. Salt and pepper the meat lightly. Beat an egg with a bit of milk. We use wax paper and some shallow dishes for the breading operation. Make a dish with flour and one with bread crumbs. You can use the seasoned ones, but the plain are more traditional. I sometimes use a bag for the flour. Pound the meat with a hammer to thin it and to tenderize it. Flour it. Dip it in the egg mixture. Pat it into the shallow dish with bread crumbs until coated both sides. Heat some oil--we use Canola--rather hot. Fry quickly on both sides, watching that you don't burn the crumbs. Drain on paper towels. Variations are to make a mushroom gravy for Jaegerschnitzel or a green/yellow pepper sauce for Zigeunerschnitzer or a cream sauce for Rahmschnitzel.




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