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Bumpling Soup

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This is a nice recipe from Carol, that is one you can "wing" using left-over Green beans. Many Germans have become very creative in using left-overs and feel that it is sinful to throw any food away. This is a great creative example of a dish using left overs that became a family favorite that lives on.

Bumplings are small little rounds of dough. We called them bumplings because they look like little bumps in the soup.

She would make the soup when we had left over Green Beans. She would reheat the beans and then make a stiff dough out of flour, egg, water and a dash of salt.

When the beans came to a boil, she would take a spoon and dip it in the hot water that the beans are in and then into the dough. Start dropping off small little bumplings. After they cooked, she would add milk and black pepper and oh that was so tasty.

Carol from Texas

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