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(dampfnudels, means steamed noodles or dumplings in German)

4 1/2 cups less 1 tbsp. flour 1 cup plus 1 tbsp. milk
packet of yeast 1.4 oz. dash salt
2/3 cup butter or better yet clarified butter
1 to 2 eggs

Heat milk a bit and dissolve yeast. Make a well in the flour
pour yeast into well Let rest 1/2 hour. Add remaining milk salt and eggs. Beat vigorously til bubbles form Knead well
Cover and put dough in a warm place Let rest 1 hour. Cut off 1/2 fist size pieces on floured surface let rise 15 more minutes. In a deep skillet or dutch oven melt butter and add warm salted water to a depth of 3/4 inch. Add dumplings arranged in one layer touching each other. Put lid on pot seal edges where lid rests with damp cloths to insure no steam escapage. Cook on med low heat about 20 mins. Dumplings should have a highly desirable brown crust on bottom. May be served with sauerkraut or canned fruit.

My short cut version When I bake bread I just use the same dough and I make the dumplings a lot smaller than fist or half fist size.. I used olive oil and a wee bit of butter
adding water same as above. Before I put the lid on the skillet I add very thingly sliced onions and very thinly sliced potatoes .. Serve with canned pears.. Delicious also sometimes add very crisp cooked bacon with the sauerkraut and of course sauted onions.. Prepare sauerkraut saute large onion in a frying pan add drained kraut browning well
Crush juniper berries and add to kraut and also a dash of sherry or apple juice... This is an excellent topping for dampfnudla and or just the canned fruit.
from Mary-Jane Jones
Calgary Alberta Canada


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