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Always up-to-date and definitely in the know, Roadie of (nowurcookin@... ) fame advises: Thanks AGAIN Roadie I have always been told to never put bananas in the refrigerator. However, a Japanese TV program showed how to preserve bananas in the home refrigerator, for up to 1 month instead of freezing.


To take advantage of sales and to keep bananas handy, if you are one of the many people who eat them for the potassium content. Wrap each banana separately, Wrap closely with plastic wrap, and place in the vegetable bin or bottom of the refrigerator. This was tried with green ripe and yellow ripe bananas, some left in the fruit bowl, others wrapped. The wrapped bananas stayed at the same level of ripeness in the refrigerator while the others ripened naturally. After 15 days, I removed the wrapped fruit from the fridge, removed the wrappings and allowed them to ripen to our taste. No harm done.


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