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Hi! This is Stephen Block's assistant,

He wanted to run the Summer Vanilla Bean special again like last year, and told me to send out the word.

He is away so I thought I would throw in an EXTRA Bourbon and Mexican Vanilla Bean to your order, Because I just think 6 vanilla beans is a much better number to work with when I am making vanilla extract for gifts.
I know he will be glad I did.

Boy the Mexican Vanilla beans look especially Beautiful!

The Bourbon Vanilla beans are directly from Madagascar
This year and the crop is excellent!

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Are you thinking about making vanilla extract for holiday gifts? Now is a good time to get started.

I got a new shipment of Bourbon (Madagascar) and Mexican vanilla beans this year and they look awesome!

I am offering a special package of;

Five   6 Bourbon vanilla beans,
Five   6 Mexican vanilla beans

Organic vanilla sugar
3 oz. pkg. my own recipe

2 CD's of Recipe Collections
" Recipe Collections for Gifts"

"Vanilla Enchantment"
Using the Magic of Vanilla Beans in Romantic Recipes

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Are you wondering what a Bourbon vanilla bean is? Does it have Bourbon in it? No!

They are the same as the Madagascar variety, called "Vanilla Planifola" and are often referred to as Bourbon (boor-BON) because Madagascar use to be referred to as one of the Bourbon Islands.

Bourbon vanilla plants

I always ask for the biggest, plumpest and longest Vanilla Planifola that are available.
6-8 inches long, graded premium quality plump, and moist.


They are different than the Tahitian variety of vanilla bean which has quite a bit different flavor.

The Mexican bean is also a Bourbon or Vanilla Planifola. The French took this variety from Mexico and developed it in the Bourbon Islands (now Madagascar) in the 19th century and perfected it.


I am running a special through the month of August

Five   6 Bourbon Vanilla beans and Five 6 Mexican vanilla beans

3 oz package of fresh ground vanilla sugar
(uses organic sugar)

These Recipe collections below on CD

You can make your own recipe collections which you can copy onto CD and give
for a gift with your vanilla extract, or you can make your own custom recipe collection.
All these recipes come on both PDF file and Word document style, and permission to copy recipes.
There are over 1000 recipes on this CD!


Plus my own CD book that I made

All for 19.97
+ 5.95 shipping

To pay by phone order
call Stephen at;


Stephen Block

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