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The vanilla beans arrived in perfect condition yesterday. I can't wait to start using them...thanks for your great customer service.

Aric Wilt

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Dear Stephen,

Just to let you know that I recently received the vanilla beans I ordered from Vanilla Enchantment. My husband called you for more information about the quality of your vanilla beans; and after making a phone call, you informed him that the beans were "prime quality". I am extremely pleased with the vanilla beans from Vanilla Enchantment and they are exactly as described on the website!!! I placed an order with you and with another company at the same time just for comparison sake. I must say Vanilla Enchantment beans are FAR SUPERIOR. I will placing another order with you in the near future. Thank you.

Sakeenah Sharif

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Yes Stephen I made a batch of homemade vanilla extract that I use for baking. Many people have commented on my desserts, saying that 'something tastes different, but I can't put my finger on it.' I
think that it's the homemade vanilla.

I plan to make more, just in time for the holidays. I'll keep a lookout for the beans. Thanks again!

Steve Baker

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Just back from a weekend in Quebec with James, my youngest (and 50 or so of his closest 8th grade friends, plus some wonderful teachers and parents) and what was waiting for me when I returned?!?!? A mélange of vanilla beans that are larger & more fragrant than any I've ever seen before (you can tell I don't get out much...). I'm fascinated by the difference in smell of the Madagascar beans compared to the Mexican and Tahitian ones... hints of raisins and smoke on top of such a complex smell to begin with. Nick, my oldest son, and I sat on the couch sniffing beans and passing them back and forth trying to identify just exactly what each one smelled like... hey! Beats the dickens out of sniffing glue!


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Hi Stephen

I had purchased a small jar of 2 beans in the grocery store and found them dried up and hard. I cannot tell you how impressed I was when I first opened your package of beans. Not only were they unbelievably fresh, pliable but the AROMA was something else. As my daughter said, "Mom, I didn't know that vanilla could smell this good". She's trying to figure out how she could use one to make bubble bath cause she said it was just too good to waste on food only. Not sure I want to go there but, have already made vanilla sugar with the discarded bean from the ice cream and am looking forward to making vanilla extract with vodka. Again, the quality of the beans is unbelievable. I have already told several friends and I know my daughter AND her boy friend will be telling some of their friends. I am not sure how industrious any of these people will be but I have your web site and email address where it can be shared.

Thanks again.

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Stephen, I will just do a new transaction. I wanted to let you know that when your web site was down completely a couple of weeks ago, I ordered Ugandan beans from another source, and was very disappointed: the cost was higher, the shipping more expensive though much closer to me, and the quality of the beans decidedly inferior. So you have a loyal customer, thanks, please rush the beans, everyone has loved the gift bottles of homemade extract and I need more for Christmas!

Sheila Quinn DeHart

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