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Australian Desserts

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Although there is much controversy over the origin of this recipe, it remains a favourite dessert of both Australian and New Zealand people.

Mango Mousse
Here's one the guys can make to impress that special lady
Darwin Dessert
This is one the guys will love too and a few of the girls!!! Originally brought to Australia by a group of untamed New Zealanders now firmly adopted in NT and a great dessert for an adult dinner party


The following recipe was provided by Gina and Rita, two lovely ladies of Italian descent. They tell me that the recipe was given to them by Gina's sister in law in Italy.

Australia is a new country, and although settled originally by the British and Irish, now has a very multicutural mix of ethnicities in the country. Nowadays people from all over the world and of every concievable nationality call Australia home.

Australia has the largest greek population outside of Greece and the Italian population would run a close second plus an infinite diversity of other cultures make up a vibrant variety of food available here.

Consequently the modern australian cuisine reflects the diversity of our cultural heritage with many of our settlers original recipes still unabridged and unadulterated, and gaining in popularity amonst all parts of the population .

As a result many of the recipes featured here are originally from other countries but are now firmly entrenched as part of Australian culture and heritage.


Mango Mousse

Darwin Dessert


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