The Flower Pot Smoker
by Rick Wiedman

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Courtesy of Rick Wiedman

Flower Pot Smoker Recipes

Pulled Pork
Tasty rich smoked pork that you can pull strips of and place on your sandwich, or shred with 2 forks.

Smoked Salmon
The color on this is beautiful and a light smoke taste that is good hot with a side of boiled yukons, or chilled on a bed of greens.

Smoked Bratwursts
You can buy brats and put a nice smoke on them in the flower pot smoker

Turning an old refrigerator into a smoker
step by step plans

The history of BBQ

Rick Wiedman heard about this idea on an episode of Alton Brown on the food network. You can come close to one of the ceramic smokers that are barrel shaped that cost 300 dollars or more.

Here are pictues of his Flower Pot Smoker "ala Rick" that he wanted to share with the Kitchen Project. THANK YOU RICK!

  • One large terracotta pot approx 17 inches in diameter at the top. This is the base of the smoker.
  • One circular terracotta pot that fits on top of the base pot
  • A Wok with holes or a Grill grate that will fit into the large pot and hold the food, or anything that you can invent that will work.
  • Grill thermometer
  • Feet for the large terracotta pot so it stands off the ground. (3 2×4's, bricks, decorative pot stands, etc)
  • Hot plate for the heat source
  • Heavy duty metal tin for wood chips/chunks, or terra cotta saucer

Start with the 3 bricks, this lifts the base off the deck
so the fire gets air and to keep the pot from burning your deck.

Place the first terra cotta pot on top of the bricks and
the heater in the bottom of the pot. The cord goes through
hole in the bottom of the pot.

Aterra cotta saucer is used for the trap to put the wood on.

Turn the heater on low and gradually turn it up till the wood starts to smoke.

Here is one method of devising a holder for the Boston Butt.
Rick used a wok with holes in it. 2 metal hangers are used to suspend
the wok above the heat source.
If you have a grill grate that fits inside the pot you can use that.
It has to sit above the smoking wood.

Here is a picture of the smokin pot.
You can buy a replacement thermometer at a home depot
or a place that has replacement parts for BBQ's
Just stick the thermometer in the hole in the top!

Now you have a ceramic smoker for 50 to 75 dollars!



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courtesy of Alton Brown show on Q.







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