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Handmade Bratwurst
from an Old German Cookbook
by Gretelotte

Gretelotte would write me and I could tell she spent time in the
Vaterland. She talked about life on the farm and making all the
German foods from scratch. A Book that I would say is similar to
Henriette Davidis-Holle “Practisches Kochbuch” that was handed
down to here from her grandmother to her mother and then to her.
The 825 pages had yellowed but were still in good shape.


Henriette Davidis-Holle's book from the 1800's

Author Henriette Davidis-Holle


As you know the old books not always gave measurements and neither does this recipe therefore I am adding a few helpful hints. We used to make Bratwurst with the same seasonings (when we raised two pigs each year (in the 70s) and it is delicious. I also made Leberwurst from the fresh pork liver.

But enough talk:

Frankfurter Bratwurst

Marbled fresh pork (20 to 25% fat) without connecting tissues and gristle (I used shoulder and neck meat).

Grind meat fine, season with;

a little pepper
good red wine
Fill into pig casings.

This sausage is best fresh but can be smoked lightly.

This is my advice (from experience)

Start with very little seasoning, put sausage into a covered container and store in refrigerator for 6 hrs or over night. This gives the seasonings a change to permeate the meat. Then you fry a tiny bit, taste and adjust seasoning but remember that seasoning will get stronger. Therefore it's wise to do the test frying of a small piece, even if you have to do it twice.

Kleine Saucissen
(pork links)

Well marbled fresh pork (25-35% fat) without connecting tissues and gristle. Grind VERY fine. Season with salt,

mace and a little pepper. Put into very small casings (I assume sheep casings) and pinch/twist every 5cm(2").

Braise in a little water and butter until the "Saucissen" are a deep golden color.

The same seasoning advise applies to most sausages.

For more precise sausage recipes see the section on Sausages and Wurst.





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Sausage making Equipment

I recommend

KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment...

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