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Free Translation Tools

Donated by my friend Richard Markel. This is one of the best translators on the net. Will translate a word, phrase or paragraph for you from one language to another.

This translates a whole page, paragraph or phrases of German to English or English to German or other languages as well.

German-English Dictionary
This one is my favorite. Just type in the word, English or German and the German or English translation will come up.

Translation Services
A good translation makes all the difference. specializes in German translations that get your meaning across.  Translation of websites, power point presentations, German genealogy documents and more.

Learn German Language
German for Travelers
Comman phrases you might use if you were traveling to Germany  

Learn German Now!
From, you receive a German word of the day, complete with a sentence to use it in, and a link to hear it said! This site has so many free goodies plus language tapes you can buy.

German History

German Americana
This is a site that has lots of links to German American culture, and literature.

Do You have German Heritage
find out if your relative arrived on Ellis Island to America.
The records of the manifests are made public now.

Do You Have a German Name?
German names are usually named for a location, a familiar object where they lived, or a physical characteristic. search through our list and learn more about your name.

German American Day
German American Day honors 300+ years of German immigration to the USA, beginning with the arrival of the first 13 Mennonite immigrant families from Krefeld on October 6, 1683, who subsequently founded Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Cooking Links

US - Metric Cooking Equivalents

German Dining Guide

Recipe Links

Olga Drozd's Ukranian Classic Kitchen
Olga is brilliant in finding interesting recipes.
She always has new interesting tips and dishes
to cook and great at answering requests.

Vorarlberger Mehl
This is a nice site done in German with lots of
good recipes.

Küchle Backstudio
This is a beautiful web site full of great cake and other baking pictures with their recipes that use the Küchle products

In the Kitchen with Oma
This is a wonderful site that has step by step pictures along with recipes.

German Corner Newsgroup
This is a really nice group of people some from Germany and some from America. A nice place to meet German Americans.

ARD Buffet German Recipes
Here is a great place to find recipes in German

Knack and Back
German site with German recipes using Pillsbury products

German-American Theme Towns
A list of cities that display their German Heritage in many ways including their buildings and events.


Products Online

Grandma's Online German Shop

Hansel and Gretel Bakery

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Fun Things


German Music

Du! Du! Liegst mir im Herzen

Words and music to this famous German classic


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