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Angela Wiedl
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Translated  From Wikipedia

Angela Wiedl grew up in a musical family. Her parents are well-known YodelingIs, and her brother Opera Singers. At twelve, she stood with the Original Buam Chiemgau on the stage. After school, she first learned the trade of Tax specialist assistant. From 1981 she was a singer in Tegernsee Alps Quintet, With whom she released seven albums.

1991 her first solo album appeared. The following year she took the title But the palpitations, the i owe you on Grand Prix der Volksmusik 1992 participated and reached the 12th Place. Thus she became widely known. In the same year released the single Mother TheresaIn which they Nobel Peace Prize Mother Teresa sang. When Grand Prix der Volksmusik 1995 Angela was Wiedl again Where the gypsies have remained and has achieved rank 10 1998 she came with Those who love the homeland in 14th place In 1996 she won at the German finals for Eurovision Song Contest with Dalila Cernatescu (Panpipes) Place 3 Their song Echoes was developed by Ralph Siegel composed. With popular television and radio events is they frequently visited. She was several times winner of the Super Hitparade der Volksmusik. 2006 appeared her album I believe in God.

Angela Wiedl was married by 2007, with Walter Schmidt, and had a daughter, Angelina Maria (* 2000, † 2005), the years since the third to ADEM suffered a rare disease of the central nervous system. She died on 13 June 2005 of a cerebral embolism.

2008 seemed to her best of album: "Welcome - Your most beautiful songs for 30-year stage anniversary. Since 30 May 2008 Angela Wiedl is the new album "The angel at your side" in the trade. This Wiedl Angela wrote: "12 new songs that will delight and your hearts, because there are songs that tell stories, and perhaps even show a whole new side of me.

On 11 July 2008 Angela Wiedl occurred in the Bavarian television in a contest "A Song For Munich" on where to go with their title Munich lights 1st Space occupied. Since spring 2009, the singer with Uwe Erhardt (member of the group is The shepherds) Allied.











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