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Rhubarb Sheet Cake

(Rhabarber Blechkuchen)



Boy how could you come up with a name like Blechkuchen.

I just love this about the German language.


I love the strength and forwardness of it's rougher words and tones.


Rhubarb is a fruit/vegetable in a way like cabbage in that it's roots last through a harsh winter and it is an early Spring crop. This recipe is inspired by Monica Heavener who sent me her Blechkuchen recipe and reminded me that Spring is Rhubarb season



500 g (1 lb approx. 3 -4 cups ) Rhubarb
1 /2 cup vanilla sugar to sprinkle on top of the Rhubarb
or mix 1 tablespoon of vanilla extact with 1/2 cup sugar


150 g ( 6 oz. or 1 cup) Flour
75 g (3oz. or 2/3 stick ) Margarine or Butter
75 g (1 /2 cup) Vanilla sugar, or you can substitute granulated sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1 / 4 Cup bread crumbs
(to sprinkle on the bottom of the pan as seen above.)

Optional Topping
1 tblsp Butter melted
1 teasp Cinnamon

printer friendly           Metric Conversion Chart


Weigh the flour out on a scale as I have here in grams. As you can see it is about 1 cup. I find this scale a big help. You can put a container on it and push zero and it will automatically compensate for the weight of the container. You can choose either grams or ounces.

You can find the scale on the weight watchers web site.

Work the butter into the flour with a fork till you see the small pea size lumps.

Some folks will put all the dough ingredients in a food processor and pulse it till it is just blended together. You don't want to over mix this or it will get tough.

Add the sugar, baking powder, egg and mix together lightly into a ball.

This dough is very much like pie dough but the egg will hold it together better and the baking powder will help it rise a bit.

First I have sprayed the baking dish with non-stick spray, of course you could use a bit of oil or butter. Sprinkle with the bread crumbs and press the dough on the pan to the edges.

Wash dry the rhubarb. Cut into bite size pieces.


Add the Rhubarb to the top of the dough This looks like a lot in proportion to the crust but it cooks down.

Sprinkle the vanilla sugar on the Rhubarb.
You can substitute regular sugar or another option is to first toss the rhubarb in a bowl with the sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla extract.


Place in the preheated oven and bake for 40 minutes to an hour.


Optional topping, I mixed ½ cup of bread crumbs with 1 tablsp melted butter and 1 teasp cinnamon.


Sprinkle on this topping half way through the baking time.

This is how it looks when it is finished. The topping is brown, the rhubarb is tender and the crust feels firm to the touch.


Top with whipped cream. I like to add a bit of vanilla flavoring to it.
I sprinkled vanilla sugar over the top of this for a finishing touch. Another option is to serve vanilla ice cream with it.











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