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Pictures of Caesar's Restaurant and Hotel

Caesar Salad History

Caesar Salad Recipes  |  Original Recipe for Caesar Salad

Fun Facts about Caesar Salad

Caesar Cardini


Historically significant photograph of the 1919 constructed Kahn building, 535 University Avenue, San Diego, where the Cardini family operated a restaurant from 1923-1973. Note the cornucopia of fruit and vegetables which was added in 1921. It was initially covered in gold leaf.

An early postcard,
probably earliest Caesar's Place in Tijuana, early 1920s

Hotel Caesar on Main Street, 1940s-early 1950s
the ground floor of the Hotel Comercial at the corner of 2nd Street and Main, Tijuana

Original Caesar's restaurant - Tijuana c.1930

Caesar Cardini Café, Tijuana, on opening night, c.1935

Nowadays Hotel Caesar's on Avenida Revolución (formerly Main Street), c.2000

Caesar's Brother Alex was Chef of Hotel Peñafiel in Tehuacán, which is in Southern Mexico.








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In 1948 Caesar started to bottle the Caesar dressing.

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Cardini Original Caesar Dressing, 20-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)  

Salad Dressing, Caesar, 12 oz.  










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