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The History of Lamb on Easter

Why is Lamb popular during Easter?

Throughout the world the most popular Easter symbol is the lamb.
The reference to lamb in Christianity goes back to the book of Genesis, When Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son.

In past centuries it was considered a lucky omen to meet a lamb, especially at Easter time. It was a popular superstition that the devil, who could take the form of all other animals, was never allowed to appear in the shape of a lamb because of its religious symbolism.

In the 7 th century the Benedictine monks wrote a prayer for the blessing of lambs.

A few hundred years later the pope adopted it and a WHOLE roasted lamb became the feature of the Pope's Easter Dinner, and has been ever since.

It wasn't too many years before people decided that it was ok to roast parts of lamb instead of the whole bleeting thing. In the spirit of the old days here is a version of leg of lamb that can be done on the BBQ.

Little figures of a lamb made of butter, pastry, or sugar have been substituted for the meat, forming Easter table centerpieces.

In Greece Easter is the biggest holiday, and apparently most everyone roasts a whole lamb on a “Souvla” which is a large spit. I understand that a motorized one is not popular so if you are interested in doing a traditional Greek roasted lamb, they say it is good to have plenty of friends to help turn the spit.

Recipe for Greek Spit Roasted Lamb

Butterfly Leg of Lamb on the BBQ

Marinated and Roasted Lamb
with Apple Mint Relish

Eggs Benedict
Done very lightly from our Light and Healthy Cooking website Project.

Here is another version that uses little home made toast cups
Nested Eggs Benedict


Buttefly Leg of Lamb done in the Oven  

all kinds things are used to make creative lamb centerpieces.
Go here to find out how this is made of butter.


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