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The History of
Green Thursday Soup

I found it interesting reading about a tradition in Germany called Gründonnerstagsuppe or Green Thursday Soup consisting of 7 or 9 green herbs, which is served on Gründonnerstag or Maundy Thursday. It is coincidence that grün means green because both Maundy and the word greinen has to do with mourning or in the case of Maundy it is also believed to come from begging.

The tradition itself is more about the green being a symbol for new life, after a long hard winter, the new green herbs give us enrichment for life.

I have seen some recipes that call for 7 herbs and some that call for 9.
The nine has to do with and ancient tradition that it should be 3 x the divine number 3.

Some of the herbs that are used are spinach, parsley, leeks, chives, dandelion and sorrel. I have also seen Mugwort, Nettle, Watercress, Daisies and Dandelion.

I know that you probably are not going out into your lawn to grab some dandelions for the soup, but the greens can be very tasty.

As one German author put it According to ancient tradition, If one or the other herbs is not palpable, we may substitute, for "Traditions are like street lamps. They show the way, but only a drunkard clings to her!" (P. Werner)

All the herbs are noted for different medicinal purposes as well, and meant to help you get through the year healthy.

The leftover soup can be used as a sauce and served with hard boiled egg halves, or as a topping for asparagus.

Children bringing in the new Spring by eating Grundonnerstagsuppe with some crusty bread, and fresh flowers on the table!

Go here to make Green Thursday Soup complete with pictures


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