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   Recipes From a German Grandma


Grandma and Grandpa
in the back yard with
grandchildren Stephen and Emily.

In the basement of their house, Grandpa Block had built a “Rattskeller,” (German for a small basement hideaway) which doubled as a canned-food storage room. Because it was dark and cool and totally silent, it seemed an ominous place to the grandchildren. Going in there seemed like creeping into a cave. But when the light was switched on, it was transformed into a cheerful little den-cool and pleasant on even the hottest summer days.

It had colorful curtains covering the shelves where Grandma kept her home-canned pickles, jellies and jams, fruits and vegetables. These were labeled, dated and displayed with pride to her family and friends. The room was also furnished with chairs and a small table for times when Grandpa and a friend or two might want to enjoy a glass of homemade wine.

Dill Pickles
Christmas Pepper Relish
Mustard Pickles
Prune Conserve
Candied Orange Peel
Thiele’s Kitchen Bouquet

The mixed red and green peppers in this relish give it its festive name.

3 C. vinegar
4 even Tbsp. salt
2 C. sugar
1 dozen red peppers
1 dozen green peppers
1 dozen large onions
3 stalks of celery (not bunches)

Chop these or put through food chopper. Mix all together.
Pour boiling water over and let stand 5 minutes, then drain.
Put vinegar, salt and sugar in kettle, and heat. When hot, add vegetables.
Let these come to a boil, put in jars and seal securely.

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